Our Donors

Food Bank Farmers has received donations from the following companies:

Thank you for donating your time to make our fantastic logo!

Thank you for the fruit trees you donated.  We planted them March 15th, 2014.
HM Clause
We appreciate the melon seed you donated in 2015 and 2016!  Thank you for your support.

Produce we have donated to the Yolo Food Bank

Food Bank Farmers donates the crops we plant and harvest to the Yolo Food Bank.

In 2016, we donated 20,607 pounds of produce:

-   2,996 pounds of potatoes

-      546 pounds of peaches

- 16,621 pounds of melons

-     444 pounds squash


In 2015, we donated 5,438 pounds of produce including butternut squash, peaches and potatoes.
In 2014, we donated 14,493 pounds of produce including butternut squash, potatoes and pumpkins.
In 2013, we donated 9,478 pounds of produce including beets, butternut squash, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and tomatillos.

Cash Donations

Food Bank Farmers welcomes cash donations to help cover the costs of seed, irrigation equipment and other farming supplies.  If you are interested in making a donation, please send a check payable to "Yolo Food Bank" with "Food Bank Farmers" in the memo line to:

          Yolo Food Bank
          1244 Fortna Ave
          Woodland, CA 95776